Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life!

March Notes from Mom Kenny

We have some busy days coming up in March, with Grand Officer’s Night on March 2 and our meeting, P.I.E. Day, and Roller Skating on March 9.  Be sure to check the calendar carefully so that you won’t miss out on any of the fun!  Here are the news and updates from our March Communication.

Birthdays: Happy Birthday to Kat (3/16) and Dani (3/31)!

Dues: 2013 dues of $10 are now past due. Dues must be paid to attend and visit meetings, vote, hold an office, and avoid suspension.

Dry Cleaning: Zoots in Concord has generously donated ten $25 gift certificates for you to use to get your white gowns cleaned. See Mom Kenny if you need one.

Sponsors and Boosters: See Mom Kenny by March 16 to have your name listed in the Grand Assembly program book. Boosters are $2 and sponsors are $5.

Initiation: We are scheduling another initiation on April 6 so you will have the chance to do your current parts again. Please study the parts of your ritual that needed work at the last meeting. We can rehearse at the March meetings. Step up will be on May 4 – Officers will move up one station for initiation.

Membership: We need new members in Concord Assembly! Tell girls you know about Rainbow and invite them to P.I.E Day and Roller Skating on Mar 9 or the Masonic Open House Apr 6! Petitions must be in by Mar 15 for the Apr 6 initiation.

Grand Assembly: Grand Assembly will be June 28-30 in Plymouth. The cost for registration, hotel, and food/parties in the room will be approximately $120. You may pay in 3 monthly installments of $40 in March, April, and May. You can earn money in your Rainbow Expense Fund to help cover this cost. All registration forms and payments are due by May 4. Please see Mom Kenny if you have questions.

Elephant Charms: Mother Marshall will give an elephant charm to each girl who brings in a new member between September 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Pandora Charm Bracelets: Earn a beautiful “Pandora style” charm bracelet by doing community service and bringing in new members. Earn the Red, Orange, Green, Indigo, and Violet beads by performing 20 hours of community service. Earn the Yellow and Blue beads by being a first line signer on a new member’s application or second line signer on 2 applications.

Calendar: For updated calendar information through June, visit www.ConcordRainbow.org/Calendar

Forms and Deadlines:  Check www.MASSIORG.net or www.ConcordRainbow.org/Resources for information and forms for the following:

Special Tryouts – RSVP due Mar 1
Grand Reps & Grand Officers for 2013-2014 Applications due Mar 31
American Flag Tribute Competition – Form due Mar 31
Camperships –  Applications due Apr 1
Ritual Competition – Forms due Apr 25
Rainbow Scholarships – Applications due May 1
Grand Assembly Registration Form & Payment due May 1
Miss Service – Form due May 1
GWA Membership Challenge – Form due Jun 1
Ritual Competition – Form due Jun 10
Elevator Speech Contest – Form due Jun ? for Grand Assembly
Rainbow Camp:  Rainbow Camp sessions this year will be Jul 14-20, Jul 21-27, Aug 4-10, and Aug 11-17


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