Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life!

I hope that everyone in our Concord Assembly extended family is safe and well after the terrible bombings that occurred in Boston yesterday.  I know that Taylor and her family had some trouble getting home from the Red Sox game yesterday, but eventually made it.  And Bea let me know that, although she lives in Boston and was volunteering at the Marathon, she is OK.  We are all thinking about and praying for those who were injured and killed, and outraged that anyone could or would want to harm innocent people like this.

Patriot’s Day is an important day for our Assembly.  Because we are from Concord, we may be a little closer than most to the true meaning of the holiday and the brave men, many of them undoubtedly Masons, who risked and lost their lives in Lexington and Concord so that we could live free.  Patriot’s Day is about fighting for our freedom and not being afraid to stand up for what is right.  This senseless tragedy just shows how important that lesson still is today.

What’s important to remember on a day like today is that most people are good and kind and brave, and the good people will always prevail over bad people who want to hurt others.  If you need proof, just look at all of the people who rushed towards the explosions yesterday to try to help those who were injured.  I know that we will also hear many stories in the days to come of ordinary people who went out of their way to help the runners and the people who were displaced and separated from their families when the race was ended and cell phone service was shut off.

Our Rainbow family is strong.   We are here to support each other and provide service to those affected by this incident.  Mom Torrey has already heard from many Rainbow jurisdictions worried about all of us in Massachusetts and offering their support and help. We will continue to be here for each other.

This is not the first tragedy that we have been through together, and it will not be the last, but being with other people is a good way to start feeling better about something like this.  We had a lovely morning selling cotton candy at the Patriot’s Day parade yesterday, and we missed all those who could not be with us.  I hope to see many of our active girls tonight in Bedford as we serve dinner for the Mason and the veterans they have invited as their guests this evening, or maybe I will see you on Friday at our service project for the children at Why Me? or our regular meeting.  In any case, I am thinking about all of you and hope you are doing well.

In Rainbow Love & Service,

Mom Kenny


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