Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life!

Concord Assembly is pleased to announce that several of our members received awards and recognition at the Grand Assembly sessions held in Plymouth, MA on June 28 and 29.

Katie was elected as Grand Worthy Associate Advisor, the second highest office in the state.  Alison was appointed as Grand Patriotism and Erica was appointed as Grand Choir Director.  All three are Past Worthy Advisors of Concord Assembly No. 53.  Nicole was appointed as Grand Representative to Alaska and Ashley, also a Past Worthy Advisor of Concord Assembly, was appointed as Grand Representative to New York.  As Grand Representatives, these girls will correspond with their counterparts and share information about Rainbow in other jurisdictions around the country and the world.  The Grand Officers and Grand Representatives will be participating in the new Grand Worthy Advisor’s service project to collect food to support the Greater Boston Food Bank and local food pantries.

Each of these girls has developed leadership skills in our local Assembly, and they will now have the opportunity to apply those skills as they participate in Rainbow at the state level.  Being appointed as a Grand Officer or Grand Representative not only is important recognition for these young women, but also gives them the opportunity to travel, meet new people, and form friendships with members of other Assemblies across the state.

Several girls also received awards and recognition for their accomplishments during the year.  Ashley received a scholarship from the Grand Assembly of Massachusetts. Erica was a finalist in the “Miss Service” competition, won a gold award for her “elevator speech” about Rainbow, and received awards for inviting five new members to join Rainbow and for visiting more than 20 meetings of other Assemblies in 2012.  Nicole was recognized for her participation as the Assembly’s Rainbow magazine editor and for participating in the Grand Choir throughout the year.

Concord Assembly was recognized for increasing our total membership in 2012 and for participating in the Grand Worthy Advisor’s service project to collect games, toys, soda can tabs, and other items to support the Shriners Hospitals in Springfield and Boston.

“The Advisory Board and I are very proud of all of these girls,” said Mrs. Deborah A. Kenny, Mother Advisor.  “They have all worked hard, and these awards recognize their achievements this year.”

The Assembly’s adult workers were also recognized for their continued support of the organization.  Mom Willie, a Past Worthy Advisor and Past Mother Advisor of Concord Assembly, was appointed as a Grand Deputy, Mom Janice was appointed chairman of the state Scholarship Committee, and Mom Debbie was reappointed to the state Membership Committee.


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