Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life!

Things are going great with Concord Assembly.

Congratulations to our new Worthy Advisor, Nicole.  We are looking forward to everything she has planned for her “Raising the Flag with Concord Assembly No. 53” term!

Congratulations to our new Grand Officers and Grand Representatives — Alison – Grand Chaplain, Erica – Grand Outer Observer, Katie – Grand Christian Flag Bearer, and Nicole – Grand Rep to Maryland and Brazil.  At Grand Assembly, Erica received an award for visiting over 60 meetings at other Assemblies and Nicole won Worthy Ritualist in the ritual competition.

Next up is Founder’s Day on July 12 at Rainbow Camp – where we’ll kick off Grand Worthy Advisor Emma’s fun Rainbow Camp themed year with fun camp activities and s’mores.  Lots of our girls will be attending Rainbow Camp this summer, including Ashlee, who received a campership for a free week at camp. And some of us are headed to Baltimore later this month to attend Supreme Assembly.

Before we know it, September will be upon us and it will be time to start up our regular meetings once again.  In the meantime, enjoy the summer!


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