Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life!


Here are the Concord members and advisors who hold offices in our Assembly or the Grand Assembly of Massachusetts.


June 2014 – January  2015
Worthy Advisor: Nicole
Worthy Associate Advisor: Taylor
Charity: Erica
Hope: Ashley
Chaplain: Alison
Drill Leader: Katie
Religion: Ashlee
Nature: Sydney
Service: Sydney
Confidential Observer:
Outer Observer:
Choir Director:
American Flag Bearer:
State Flag Bearer:
Christian Flag Bearer:
Rainbow Flag Bearer:
Assembly Banner Bearer:
RACOM Representative: Taylor

Grand Officers

June 2014 – June 2015

Grand Chaplain: Alison
Grand Outer Observer: Erica
Grand Christian Flag Bearer: Katie
Grand Representative to Maryland & Brazil: Nicole

Advisory Board

January 2014 to January 2015

Mother Advisor: Mrs. Deborah Kenny
Chairman: Mr. George Herbolsheimer
Secretary: Mrs. Janice Sproul
Treasurer: Mrs. Wilma Stone, PWA, PMA
Ritualist: Mr. Stephen Jones
Dad: Mr. David Sproul
Bars/Attendance: Mrs. Lynda Ruderman Herbolsheimer
Hospitality: Mrs. Kim Macdonald-Conill
Transportation: Mrs. Candace Bowe, PWA
Transportation: Ms. Sandra Tripp
Public Affairs: Mr. Kevin LaBarge
Security: Mr. William Young

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