Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life!


June 2014 to January 2015

Theme:  Raising the Flag with Concord Assembly No. 53!

Mascot:  The Bald Eagle

Symbol:  The American Flag

Colors: Valor RedInnocence WhiteJustice Blue & Honorary Gold.

Flower: The Red Rose – Our National Flower

Quote:  “The only easy day was yesterday.” –Navy Seal Motto

Service Project:  Writing letters and making care packages for soldiers.  Raising money for the Navy Seal Foundation.  Visiting the Veterans Hospital in Bristol, RI.

Assembly Fundraisers: Picnic in the Park, Bedford Day, and W. Acton Oktoberfest Cotton Candy Sales

Special Events:  Grand Assembly, Supreme Assembly, Oct Grand Officers Night, Grand Assembly Scholarship Ball, Grand Cross of Color Banquets

Fun Activities & Friendship Activities: Founder’s Day Picnic at Rainbow Camp, Birds of Prey Show at the Stone Zoo, Trip to Canobie Lake Park, Halloween Dance Party, Friends & Family Cookout at Rainbow Camp

After Meeting Activities: American Jeopardy, Perler Beads, American Shirt Tie Dying, Scavenger Hunt, Movie Night, Flag Folding Trivia Game, Cookie Decorating, Yankee Swap


January 2014 to June 2014

Theme:  Blast Off with Concord Assembly!

Mascot:  Laika, The First Animal in Orbit

Colors: Night Sky Navy, Starry Silver, Rocket Red

Flower: Starflower

Quote:  “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” –Neil Armstrong

 Service Project:  Birthday Wishes, A Charity That Gives Birthday Parties to Homeless Children.  Will raise money through a Yankee Candle Fundraiser, make goody bags, and shop for party supplies and gifts.

Assembly Fundraisers: Patriot’s Day Cotton Candy Sale, Masonopoly Sales

Special Events:  Hosting Grand Officers Night May 10, P.I.E. Day, Rainbow Sunday

Fun Activities & Friendship Activities:  Museum of Science, Bowling, Easter Bunny Breakfast

After Meeting Activities: Cookie Decorating, Apples-to-Apples, Stargazing, Goody-Bag Packing, Easter Egg Hunt, Bingo, Tie-dye Shirts, Game Night


June 2013 to January 2014

Worthy Advisor: Katie

Theme:  Concord Assembly Goes to the Movies

Mascot:  Mickey Mouse

Colors: Red Carpet Red, Awards Show Gold, Film Reel Black

Flower: Red Rose

Quote:  “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Service Project:  Raise Money to purchase toys and collect toys for Toys for Tots

Fundraisers: Picnic in the Park Cotton Candy Sale, Bedford Day, West Acton Oktoberfest, Maynard Fest

Special Events:  Grand Assembly, Rainbow Ball, Grand Cross Dinner

Fun Activities:  Founders Day Picnic at Rainbow Camp, Mini Golf and Ice Cream at Kimball’s, Pool Party, Halloween Dance, Bowling at Acton Bowladrome, Snow Tubing at Nashoba

After Meeting Activities: Tie-dye shirts, Classic Movie Night, Game Night, Movie Trivia, Pumpkin Painting, Holiday Shopping at the Mall, Holiday Gift Swap, Pot Luck Dinner

January – June 2013

Worthy Advisor:  Erica

Theme: Let Your Curiosity Lead the Way

Mascot: Curious George

Colors: Man with the Yellow Hat Yellow, Curious George Brown, and Jungle Green

Flower: Jungle Orchid

Quote: “Who’s to say what’s impossible will be forgot.”

Service Project: Make Puppets and Put on Puppet Show for Children at Why Me & Sherry’s House (Provides love and support for families with childhood cancer.)

Fundraisers: Patriot’s Day Cotton Candy Sale

Special Events: Youth Protection Day, Etiquette Dinner and Making Hugs with Mom Ward, Grand Officers Nights in Worcester and Boston, Minstrel Show, Rainbow Sunday

Friendship Days: Bowling with DeMolay, Fun Activity During February Vacation, Shrine Circuses, Southwick’s Zoo

After Meeting Activities: Storytime/Pajama Party, Watch Curious George Movie, Scavenger Hunt, Write Puppet Show Play and Make Puppets to Perform for Kids at Why Me, Banana Splits and Trivia, Watch the Second Curious George Movie

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